Protect internal networks and control how they are used

Do you suffer from slow internet and consumption of your package …!!!
The solution is not to increase the capacity of the package
Most companies do not need high-load internet packages, depending on the workload, the actual needs of employees are studied
With the use of the latest network protection system offered by the company, the system will automatically work to protect all your company’s devices and control the quality of use with many possibilities such as: –
• Control the quality of internet usage for each device
• Close all sex sites, electronic games, movie download sites, torrents, etc.
• The possibility of identifying devices that are allowed to access social media sites and prevent other devices
• Protect the internal network from external cyber attacks
• Distributing internet speed to employees so that an employee does not withdraw the speed from the rest of the users
All these possibilities come on an integrated system that works on a private server as a firewall (without the need for additional licenses or renewal licenses) which makes it the most economical protection systems in use and the most suitable systems for small and medium enterprises

The system’s capabilities provide more than 50% of internet line problems and address more than 80% of internet slow ness problems.